The Nipper Electric Work Buggy

The Nipper, Slim Electric All-terrain Vehicle

NEW! The 4x4 Electric All-terrain Vehicle (ATV), nicknamed The Nipper, is a nimble utility vehicle suited to tackle all-terrains for both on- and off-road use. Available for purchase and long-term hire.

Due to its slim width, The Nipper is perfect to access narrow gaps and gateways, as well as making it easy to transport to varying locations due to its smaller frame. It is the only work buggy across the fleet to include an electric rear tipper (the rest are manual).


The Nipper tyres
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Multi-use, Fun & Super Versatile

The Nipper is designed for versatility making it just as easy to ‘nip’ out locally by road, as it is to cross a muddy field. These nimble vehicles are available for hire or purchase.

The Nipper is perfect for local errands, municipal use for local councils, and for the farming/agricultural sector, large estate owners, conservationists, recreation, and even for the film-making industry.

Available in a choice of blue or green, The Nipper is a 2-seater with individual seats rather than bench style seating. For extra comfort the seating also includes light cushioning. The Nipper also includes an electric tipping bed, half doors to prevent mud entering the compartment, and glass windscreen with wiper as standard. As a road legal UTV, you'll have the choice of on- or off-road tyres. View even more accessories.


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The Nipper is available NOW to purchase!


The Nipper

2 colours available

Electric rear tipper

On- & Off-roader


Up to 25mph


62 mile range


6-8 hours charge time

The Nipper ATV Features: 

  • Powerful 5 kW electric motor with zero emissions, reaches 25mph.
  • Maintenance free 'Discover' dry cell batteries, capacity to cover 62 miles on a single charge.
  • A full charge takes 6-8 hours and costs only about £1.
  • Smart on-board charger fitted with a 16amp weatherproof plug with a 13amp adaptor.
  • Maximum current draw is 6.
  • Fully road legal, can be supplied road registered.
  • Equipped with high and low range and diff lock.
  • Gas assisted adjustable shocks.

Dimensions, weight & capacity

  • Dimensions – 86m / 112.5" long, 1.47m / 57.8"wide and 1.8m / 70.8" high.
  • Weight - 850 kilos / 18731lbs.
  • Cargo bed capacity 200kilos / 440lbs.
  • Towing capacity 750kilos / 1653lbs.


We offer a selection of accessories for our Electric Buggies.

All available to purchase or as part of your hire package.

Flashing Strobe Lights

Fully Enclosed Cab

LED Rear Work Light

Lights Out Switch

Mobility Adaptation

Road Registration

Promotional Branding


Strobe leds

Flashing Strobe Lights

The 4x4 HiSun Work Buggy can be fitted with front and rear amber flashing strobes. This helps to increase visibility and safety when travelling on public roads. This is operated by an additional dashboard switch.

Rear LEDs

LED Rear Work Light

The 4x4 HiSun Work Buggy can be fitted with an LED rear work light. Switched from the dashboard, to give great, low-energy illumination over the rear load area.

Kill switch

Lights Out Switch

The 4x4 HiSun Work Buggy can be fitted with a 'lights out' switch. This modification enables nature watchers to approach their subjects without any light pollution to cause disturbance.

Mobility adaptation

Mobility Adaptation

The 4x4 HiSun Work Buggy can be adapted to allow 100% operation by hand, for those who might have mobility problems. This conversion is carried out by an approved Motability specialist.

Road legal number plates

Road Registration

The 4x4 HiSun Electric Work Buggy can be road registered. HiSun buggies come type-approved. We are able to process the paperwork so that the owner receives a V5 direct from the DVLA.

Work Buggy Trailer

Specifically designed for use with an ATV, our hire trailers are compatible with all our 4X4 Electric Buggies.

Made from 16 gauge mild galvanised steel, they include a swivel safety hitch.

The bed is Keruing hardwood and includes a drop down tail gate. 


  • Length - 1.52m (5')   
  • Width - 0.91m(3') 
  • Height - 0.30m (1')

Tyres - 22x11x8 flotation tyres



4x4 work buggy trailer add on

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I drive this buggy on the road?

A. Yes, for an additional fee, they can be road registered prior to delivery. You will need to provide evidence of valid insurance.

Q. What type of terrain can The Nipper cope with?

A. Almost everywhere, thanks to the all-wheel drive, lockable differential, nitrogen filled shock absorbers, powerful steering and high torque drive. Expect what you get from a normal quad bike but with shelter in the snow and rain! 

Q. Does it have a winch? 

A. The Nipper doesn't have a winch as standard. 

Q. What happens about charging them?

A. All our vehicles can be charged from a standard 13amp electrical supply, and although each has its own characteristics, it typically takes 6-8 hours to charge fully. As with all battery charging, during the first hour or two the current draw is at its highest, reducing for the remainder of the charging period. Depending on the type and duration of the work being undertaken, our vehicles will all comfortably last for a full days work or longer. We recommend placing vehicles on charge overnight. We can advise on setting up 'charging stations' at large events to establish a charging regime on site. 

The Buggies all have an on-board charger, fed by a cable under the bonnet, or mounted on the side. This cable has a 16a 'male' plug on it and is also supplied with a 16-13amp adaptor. This machine has gel-filled lead acid batteries, arranged to give 48v. At peak these machines draw around 6 - 12 amps.

Q. What climb can the The Nipper cope with?

A. The full load climb is 30%

Q. Can I get a full day's work out of a full battery?

A. In our experience, yes easily. In fact, some of our customers estimate it is more like 3 full days. Of course this depends on the type of work it's doing and the terrain. We recommend that the battery is always charged overnight, regardless of how much work it has done during the day. 

Q. Does The Nipper have safety beepers fitted?

A. Yes, there's an alarm to tell you if the driver isn't wearing a seatbelt, and an audible warning when the buggy is reversing. There is an audible sound when the indicators/hazard lights are operating. We can also fit “white noise” beepers which warn pedestrians of their approach.