Everywhere the bike worked, heads turned and people wanted to borrow it!”

About Us

The green shoots of Electric Wheels emerged sometime in 2016, when one of our founders was on a family visit to New Zealand.  Outside an Auckland bike shop (specialising in UBCO e-bikes) was a truly amazing machine.  Not a bicycle at all, but an electric, off-road ‘utility’ motorbike.

On a subsequent visit and with the research having been done, the same model was tracked down, ridden, purchased, shipped – then put straight to work at Hampton Court Flower Show, where it quickly became an indispensable aid to the site crew. Since then, it has worked hard in other outdoor events including Greenbelt, Shambala, The Showman's Show, The Royal Norfolk Show, Lowestoft Festival of Light and large construction sites. 

Everywhere the bike worked, heads turned and people wanted to borrow it. Early in 2019 we began importing these amazing two-wheel drive machines and Electric Wheels Hire was created.

We continue to be excited by the rapid growth and innovation in the world of electric transport.  Our aim is to grow our hire fleet by sourcing cutting edge machines, whether on two, three or four wheels – and hired out for a few days, a few months or indeed a few years. 

In July 2019 we added the 4x4 Work Buggy to our fleet, now available for hire or sale. In August the 4 person Golf Buggy transported the Archbishop of Canterbury and others around the site at Greenbelt. 6 person buggies have also been added to the range and a new 14 seater E-Bus will be with us very soon.

In October, we launched our 3 x 2 electric Urban Scooter at Showman's Show. The interest generated for these fabulous machines has assured us that these are a great option for less rugged terrain.

We aim to help our clients in their quests to meet their 'Sustainability Charters' so vehicles leaving us for hire will usually have been fully charged using our photo-voltaic facilities.  In time, we hope to be able to deliver and collect using electric vehicles and with a zero carbon footprint across the company. 

Electric Wheels are proud to be members of Ecolibrium - a festival industry collaboration that turns fossil fuel travel miles (for transporting vehicles to sites) into direct investment in renewable energy. Using their calculators, we can monitor travel miles and then make an annual donation towards renewable projects. Where possible, these are local to our base in Norfolk. 

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