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The Nipper® Proves its Worth as an Electric Farm UTV

Suffolk farmer Nick Reid purchased The Nipper® electric-powered UTV from Electric Wheels 18 months ago. He has seen the benefits of moving to electric when comparing it to his existing diesel-powered farm UTV.

Nick farms at Overbury Hall in Suffolk, located in the heart of Constable country. He has a diversified business, with the farm comprising arable, grassland for their horses and a recently planted vineyard. The farm is under the countryside stewardship scheme and supports a shoot.

“I was looking for a second UTV; we already had a diesel one,” says Nick. “I went to our existing supplier, but they had no stock available, then I saw Electric Wheels demonstrating at a local Point-to-Point event. I eventually purchased The Nipper® UTV from them. We use it for general farm activities, like transporting fencing equipment, filling feeders for the shoot, or just getting around the farm. It is a very practical vehicle.

“One of the first things I noticed is how quiet it is compared to our diesel machine. It is a more pleasant driving experience, with the added benefit that wildlife is less easily frightened, so I get to see more as I travel around my farm.”

There has been a difference in the running costs between his two UTVs, although this is difficult to quantify, believes Nick. His Nipper is always charged when unused, and he has the advantage of solar panels to cover the electricity costs. One difference that has stood out has been the lack of maintenance required with The Nipper®. With only a battery and motor, there is little to go wrong.

Nick believes that there is always a trade-off in every machinery purchase. The key is understanding the capabilities and the purpose of the vehicle. The diesel machine still takes care of some of the heavier-duty tasks on the farm, whereas The Nipper® holds the advantage for more general farm duties. As the smallest UTV in the Electric Wheels’ fleet, The Nipper® is designed to be agile yet robust enough for those everyday all-terrain farming duties. For heavy-duty tasks, The Beast® HiSun Sector, which includes a powerful 37.5kW motor and 16.5kWh lithium-ion battery, would be the ideal emissions-free recommendation from Electric Wheels.

“The Nipper is a nice, simple, easy-to-use vehicle that does not disappoint us. These characteristics are very valuable to me. It is ideal for traveling around the farm with a few tools in the back,” concludes Nick.

If you’re exploring the purchase of a new farm UTV, take a look at the full Electric Wheels range. Packed with performance-driven features, the all-electric vehicles are available for short or long-term hire, or to buy.