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Electric Utility Vehicles & More

Electric Wheels offers a range of all-terrain, electric utility vehicles (UTVs) for sale and hire throughout the UK. With the power to tackle any task and the charge capacity to perform all day long, these electric alternatives to a diesel 4×4 utility vehicle will not disappoint. By offering a range of electric all-terrain vehicles we can help those looking to make a more environmentally informed choice. Gone are the days when electric meant compromise. Our zero emission vehicles are all-powerful, all-terrain and all-electric.

Based in Norfolk, with a growing network of dealers nationwide, we serve a range of sectors including agriculture, leisure, conservation, facilities management, events and media. Get in touch to learn more about our utility vehicles for sale and hire throughout the UK, as well as our fleet of electric golf buggies, people carriers and vans.

  • Electric 4 seat 4x4 UTV icon

    Electric 4X4 UTVs

    Select your electric 4×4 utility vehicle. All-electric, zero emission UTVs designed for all-terrain.

  • Electric 2 seat 4x2 UTV icon

    Electric 4X2 Utility Buggies

    Select your electric 4×2 buggy. All-electric, zero emission UTVs designed for intermediate terrain.

  • Electric People Carriers icon

    Electric People Carriers

    Select your electric 4, 6, 8 or 11 seater people carrier. All-electric, zero emission people movers.

  • Electric Wheels last mile vans

    Electric Vans & Trucks

    Select your electric van or pickup truck with or without cargo box. All-electric last mile delivery vans.

The Nipper SSV 4×4 with cargo bed loaded

Hire, Buy or Give one a Try

Our electric all-terrain vehicles are available to buy, hire or to ‘try before you buy’. Please get in touch to arrange a demo. Alternatively you can simply configure and reserve your utility vehicle online. If you have a very specific need, let us know. Each product can be tailored to your specific requirements all thanks to our onsite team of highly experienced engineers. We also hold an extensive fleet of vehicles available for single or multiple hire (short or long-term). Each is meticulously maintained and will be delivered to your deadline.

Why Choose Us

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    Latest innovations. Specialist all-terrain vehicles to buy or hire.

  • Cost effective to run icon

    Cost Effective

    Cost effective to run, hire & buy. Each full charge costs only £3 approx!

  • Modifications icon

    Accessory Options

    We offer a wide range of accessories. You choose: we fit!

  • Motor icon


    Only the best! Our engineering team conduct all servicing & modifications.

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    All Electric UTVs are delivered fully charged from our on-site solar farm.

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    Fast Lead Times

    Impressive turnaround times. In stock & delivery ready.

  • Driving Positive Change
  • Bithia LtdThe Nipper & HiSun Sector 5kW

    “The UTVs are so easy to drive and powerful too. What I noticed most was how quiet they are compared to our diesel buggy. It makes for a much more pleasurable experience. I’ll often get called out by the team to assist on a particular field, so to jump into the buggy quickly was really straightforward.”

  • Nattergal LtdThe Beast

    “We’ve used the winch mechanism to help move small fallen trees, tested out its ability to get through some pretty churned up clay and the back has enough room to carry necessary equipment around site.”

  • Overbury HallThe Nipper

    "One of the first things I noticed is how quiet it is compared to our diesel machine. It is a more pleasant driving experience… We use it for general farm activities, like transporting fencing equipment, filling feeders for the shoot, or just getting around the farm. It is a very practical vehicle."

  • Knebworth House using HiSun Sector 5kW at The Sundown Festival
    Knebworth HouseHiSun Sector 5kW

    "This is a fantastic machine… It really does go anywhere – and quietly! No more diesel rattle or fumes, and we rarely use more than half the battery in a day. Perfect for what we need it for, will soar through the boggiest parts of woodlands, fields and snow… Great product and service!"

  • The London Marathon
    London Marathon EventsThe Nipper, HiSun Sector 5kW, The Beast & The Runner

    "Great bits of kit and Electric Wheels were good to work with too. We got the UTV's in to trial and we were impressed with the battery life and capabilities. Would happily use them in the future."

  • The four seater Beast in use at Watatunga Wildlife Reserve
    Watatunga Wildlife ReserveThe Beast

    “The Beast from Electric Wheels is our absolute pride and joy. It's brilliant. We've got all these buggies and they all do different jobs, but this UTV is fantastic for all the heavy lifting.”

  • The Greenbelt Festival
    Greenbelt FestivalThe Nipper & HiSun Sector 5kW

    “Working with Electric Wheels has helped us grow our confidence in EVs. We have been surprised at how powerful and robust they are and how long they go for. We have now swapped all our on-site buggies to electric, and we won’t go back.”

  • The HiSun Sector 5kW in use at a construction site for Gridserve
    GridserveHiSun Sector 5kW

    “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the capability of these electric buggies; they’ve been great. They’re powerful and have exceptional battery life. Work onsite would have been a massive challenge without them.”

  • Hisun Sector 4 seat 15kw Electric UTV 4 seater
    Spains Hall EstateThe Beast

    “Chris at Electric Wheels was brilliant and really flexible in making sure we got the right vehicle. The Beast is ideal. It’s very comfortable and a vehicle that reflects our beliefs about sustainability."

  • The MoD Transport headquarters
    The Defence School of TransportThe Beast & The HiSun Sector 5kW

    “We have been pleased with how the electric utility vehicles have been up to the task. They have enabled us to take a big step towards reducing our environmental impact. Running the electric UTVs is both cost-effective and environmentally very sustainable."

  • Flower Show
    The RHS Chelsea Flower ShowThe Nipper, HiSun Sector 5kW & The Runner

    "Electric Wheels provided an excellent service, and high quality electric ATVs for use onsite at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The vehicles are powerful, reliable, simple to charge, and pay dividends in savings of cost for fuel and emissions. 5 stars!"

  • The Nipper in use at The Royal Norfolk Show
    The Royal Norfolk ShowThe HiSun Sector 5kW, The Beast, The Nipper & The Rider

    “The electric buggies used on-site were perfect for navigating around our livestock and equine areas. We’ve used similar diesel buggies in the past, however the electric buggies were much quieter when navigating around animal enclosures. Loud vehicles can cause great distress for the animals.”

  • Wessex Fire and Rescue’s HiSun Sector 5kW at a festival
    Wessex Fire & Rescue ServiceHiSun Sector 5kW

    “The buggy’s performance was ideal. It had the capability of getting through tight spots, it was easy to charge, in fact one overnight charge lasted for four days. Plus being fully electric it helped with our carbon footprint at the event. For us we feel it’s the way forward.”

    The HiSun Sector 5kW 4×4 electric HiSun buggy from low level water to muddy tracks

    Driving Positive Change

    We believe in the power for positive change. From a state-of-the-art solar farm at our headquarters to the environmentally-friendly products we offer. It is our mantra to provide better solutions for all-terrain transport – breaking down barriers, delivering cost savings and having a positive impact on the environment.

    The HiSun Sector 5kW 4×4 electric HiSun buggy from low level water to muddy tracks
    Hisun Sector 4 seat UTV

    All-Terrain Transport Innovation

    The all-terrain utility vehicle sector is undergoing rapid evolution by embracing electric power and making significant strides with lithium batteries and powertrain technology sourced from the mainstream automotive car industry. Our mission is to extend the numerous advantages of electric vehicles to all industry sectors.

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