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Toby Lowe Farm Manager

Working Hard on the Arable Farm

Toby Lowe, Farm Manager at Bithia Ltd, tells us about his experience of using three Electric Wheels machines.

Bithia Ltd farms over 1000 hectares of arable farming land at Saham Grove and Lawrence Farm in Shipdham, Norfolk. Spring time is incredibly busy for the farm and so Toby took to hiring three all-electric 4×4 UTVs to help take the strain of moving people and supplies across fields.

They hired The Beast®, and The Nipper® to use as an alternative to their 4×4 trucks and diesel powered UTV. The farm stretches across a large site, including some busier roads, so them being road registered and with a decent top speed was a necessity for Toby and his team.

Everyday farm tasks such as fixing bird scarers, slug pelleting, repairs and moving supplies can be easily achieved using Electric Wheels’ range of all-electric UTVs.

Toby said, “The UTVs are so easy to drive and powerful too. What I noticed most was how quiet it was compared to our diesel buggy. It makes for a much more pleasurable experience, especially when you’re trying to talk to a passenger. I’ll often get called out by the team to go and assist them on a particular field, and so to jump into the buggy and get out to exactly where they are was really straight forward.”

“I particularly liked the ground clearance of The Nipper® as it made easy work of the mud, ruts and long grass on some of our fields. Its long range is a real plus too, as we were using it all day long and just popped it on charge overnight for the next day’s work without having any worry of running out of juice.”

“The bench seats of The Beast® are really comfortable and getting up to top speed in The Beast® was really swift, so I was able to keep up with normal traffic when on public roads. There are so many tasks we can use the UTVs for, it was great to have the extra vehicles available for one of our busiest times of the year.”

If you’re exploring the purchase of a new farm UTV, take a look at the full Electric Wheels range. Packed with performance-driven features, the all-electric vehicles are available for short or long term hire, or to buy.

Electric Wheels UTV on farmland