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Hisun Sector Electric UTV offroad

The Beast®, HiSun’s 4×4 Electric UTV

The Beast® HiSun Sector electric 4×4 UTV is available as a 2 and 4 seater side-by-side all terrain. As the name suggests, the HiSun Sector Lithium-Ion Beast® 4×4 UTV is HiSun’s ultimate high power, high torque electric UTV making it the perfect vehicle for local councils’ municipal use, the agricultural sector, large estate owners, conservationists and rewilding projects. Choose from The Beast® 2-seater and The Beast® 4-seater.

As the strongest vehicle in our product range, The Beast® features an powerful 37kW motor, a 16kWh lithium-ion battery and 1500kg front mounted winch. It’s the ultimate UTV vehicle to tackle inclines, transport and tow heavy loads; all while working a full day on one battery charge.

Designed for its all-terrain strength, The Beast® 2 and 4 seat 4×4 electric UTV is robust, multi-use, fun and versatile.

Efficient, emission free, cost effective and whisper quiet

Build your UTV on our configurator page to purchase or get in touch to hire or book a demo.

  • Electric vehicle range icon

    Up to 60 miles

  • Speedometer icon

    Up to 37mph

  • All terrain icon

    All terrain

  • Motor icon

    Powerful 15kW motor

  • Battery type icon

    72v Lithium-ion battery

  • Power steering icon

    Power steering

The Beast Two Seater Electric UTV at the Electric Wheels solar farm
  • Cab Heater For Nipper, HiSun Vector E1, HiSun Sector 5kW and Beast
    Cab Heater£229

    Compact dashboard mounted 300W heating unit

  • Front & Rear Mudguard Set£199

    An essential addition to protect the UTV, driver and passenger.

  • Dashboard switch extras Electric Wheels
    Lights Off Switch£195

    A dashboard switch to temporarily turn off running lights.

  • disable buzzers
    Disable Buzzers£99

    A dashboard switch to disable warning noises.

  • Rear Canopy Extra Electric Wheels
    Rear Canopy£1,299

    An enclosed, hard-shell canopy for the rear of your UTV.

  • Remote Control Waterproof Multiangle Search Light£349

    High Power LED 6500 Lumen with Radio Remote. Rotates 360 or Up/Down 120 Degrees.

  • Ball and Pin Tow Hitch
    Ball & Pin Tow Hitch£279

    Used to tow trailers with a different hitch fitting from our standard ball and pin.

  • Tilt Out Screen on the Beast
    Tilt Out Screen£995

    A handle operated windscreen that opens up to your desired tilt.

  • EW_White noise
    White Noise£139

    A non intrusive sound added to your vehicle to help alert passing pedestrians a vehicle is approaching.

  • HiSun Vector E1 Full Cab V2
    Lockable Cab£3,300

    A fully enclosed cab with lockable doors. This extra also includes an upgrade from an acrylic to glass windscreen.

  • Flashing Beacon Electric Wheels
    Flashing Beacon£149

    A roof mounted amber flashing light.

  • Rear work light Electric Wheels
    Rear Working Light£249

    A rear mounted light for working in low light conditions.

  • glass windscreen
    Glass Windscreen£920

  • EW_Road Legal
    UK road registered£100

    UK road registered

  • flashing front and rear strobes
    Flashing Front & Rear Strobes£249

    Amber strobe lights fitted below headlights and rear lights to provide additional warning signals.

    • Beaver-Watching-at-Spains-Hall-Estate
      Electric Farm Utility Vehicle, The BeastSpains Hall Estate

      Spains Hall Estate has been repurposing its land towards a more sustainable future…They chose The Beast as their electric farm utility vehicle!

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    • Ed-Pope-onboard-a-Hisun-Electric-UTV-nicknamed-The-Beast
      So Much Power In Reserve at WatatungaWatatunga Wildlife Reserve

      The Beast, our all-powerful electric task vehicle is right at home set amongst the ancient woodlands and wetlands of the Watatunga Wildlife Reserve.

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    • The-HiSun Sector 5kW-electric-utility-task-vehicle-being-used-onsite-at-the-MOD-Defence-School-of-Transport
      Sustainable Off-road VehiclesMoD Defence School of Transport

      The Defence School of Transport choose an efficient and sustainable transportation choice for its off-road fleet of vehicles.

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      • Nattergal LtdThe Beast

        “We’ve used the winch mechanism to help move small fallen trees, tested out its ability to get through some pretty churned up clay and the back has enough room to carry necessary equipment around site.”

      • The four seater Beast in use at Watatunga Wildlife Reserve
        Watatunga Wildlife ReserveThe Beast

        “The Beast from Electric Wheels is our absolute pride and joy. It's brilliant. We've got all these buggies and they all do different jobs, but this UTV is fantastic for all the heavy lifting.”

      • The MoD Transport headquarters
        The Defence School of TransportThe Beast & The HiSun Sector 5kW

        “We have been pleased with how the electric utility vehicles have been up to the task. They have enabled us to take a big step towards reducing our environmental impact. Running the electric UTVs is both cost-effective and environmentally very sustainable."

      • Hisun Sector 4 seat 15kw Electric UTV 4 seater
        Spains Hall EstateThe Beast

        “Chris at Electric Wheels was brilliant and really flexible in making sure we got the right vehicle. The Beast is ideal. It’s very comfortable and a vehicle that reflects our beliefs about sustainability."

        HiSun electric 4×4 utility vehicle off- and on-road travel

        Vehicle FAQs

        We have both two-seater and four-seater models in stock at our warehouse in Norfolk. Typically, we expect to deliver your vehicle within 2-3 weeks of your order. Where customisation or modifications are required, we will advise by email of an anticipated delivery date.

        Electric Wheels is a distributor of Hisun products and The Beast® is a slightly modified version of the Sector 550 model. We’ve upgraded some of the standard fixings to make it our own, robust UTV and retained all of the main features and capabilities.

        The Beast® is fully road legal when road registered. Just let us know when ordering if you’d like your UTV to be registered and we’ll organise all of the paperwork for you before delivery for a small fee at the Government’s standard rate.

        The Beast® has an on-board charger and comes supplied with a 16amp commando weather proof plug. At their peak, the vehicle will draw around 14 amps and typically take 5-6 hours to fully charge.

        The Beast® is built for frequent use across all terrains and can travel up to *60 miles on a single charge. The mileage achieved will depend on your load, average speed/power used, and other terrain conditions.

        *Range estimates based on manufacturer data on typical customer driving conditions. Actual range varies based on external environment, weather, speed, cargo load, rates of acceleration, maintenance & vehicle usage.

        The Beast® has a powerful 37kW peak power motor and 16kWh lithium-ion battery. It can travel up to 37mph and tackle all terrain conditions, including steep inclines, rocks, mud and snow. Standard features including all-wheel drive, high and low range, selectable differential locks to the front and rear axle, coilover adjustable (preload, compression and rebound damping) shocks and power steering.

        Yes. We offer a number of extras and customisable options when you order The Beast®. Take a look at our configure pages to see our standard range. Our in-house engineers offer bespoke modifications to suit your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss when ordering.

        You can buy The Beast® in 2-seater and 4-seater front facing models. It has comfortable bench style seats.

        The Beast® is supplied with low doors as standard. You can upgrade to a fully enclosed, lockable cab on both 2-seater and 4-seater models if required.

        The Beast® comes with a standard two-year manufacturers’ warranty covering all mechanical parts and fixtures (terms and conditions apply). Technical support is also available in the unlikely event you have an issue with your vehicle.

        The Beast® has an audible warning when the vehicle is reversing and an alarm to notify you if the driver is not wearing a seat belt. An audible sound is also triggered when the indicators and hazards are in operation. A popular added extra is ‘white noise’, this sound feature can help warn pedestrians of your approach.

        Yes. We can provide you with a regular servicing package to ensure your vehicle is kept in tip-top condition. Please discuss this with our sales team when placing your order.

        The Beast with fully enclosed cab.

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