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Be Winter Ready with Our UTV Accessories

Utility vehicles are built for all seasons. In fact, it’s the bad weather where these hard-working super machines really come into their own. For the winter months, it’s all about preparation and the right accessories. Here’s how to make sure that your UTV is winter ready with the right equipment to face the elements.

Some UTV owners opt to store their machines and hibernate for the winter months. Depending on the vehicle’s use, this might be feasible, however for many purchasing an off-road vehicle, they can’t avoid those muddy, snowy, cold days.

The UK has seen an unprecedented battering from the elements over the past few weeks. Winds have been fierce, and the rainfall has been relentless. So, what will the winter bring? We better all be ready!

Electric UTV Performance

We’re often asked if our UTVs are suitable for the winter. The answer is yes. An electric UTV is just as robust and powerful as other fuel alternatives during the colder months. As long as your vehicle is well maintained and regularly serviced, you can’t go wrong. Plug in overnight and you’ll be fully charged for a full day of work. Just the same as a full tank but at a fraction of the cost and minus the emissions. However, it’s not all about performance. No matter how wrapped up we are in our jumpers and coats, us humans feel the cold, so depending on temperature extremes your UTV might need a few additions.

Keep Warm in Your UTV this Winter

The Electric Wheels 4×4 UTV range can easily be adapted and/or upgraded to be used 365 days a year. These machines are designed for off-roading, so they’re basically at their best when set to the tough challenges faced by bad weather. From thick mud and overflowing ditches, to snow-covered countryside and slippery, rocky terrain, with the right tyres and winter utility vehicle accessories you’ll be all set.

An Enclosed Cab

To keep warm you’ll be needing an enclosed cab. Our vehicles in their standard form, include a partial cab. That’s a windscreen and side doors minus glazing. If you know that you’ll be spending a lot of time off-roading in bad weather, we’d always recommend opting for the full works. It’ll ward off the driving rain. Take the chill out of the air. Plus, acts as an additional level of safety for its passengers. An enclosed cab will include a glass windscreen, solid rear panel, and full doors. We sell the full kit. This can either be included at purchase or we can fit at a later date. It’s important to use the professionals for fitting though for the best seal and no drafts.

Heating System

The extra bonus of choosing an enclosed cab is that you can also include a heater. We offer a basic and enhanced heating system. The basic is available for The Nipper®, The Beast® and The Worker™, while the enhanced option is available for The Beast® only. By installing a heater, the cab temperature will be increased, and it will also help alleviate screen fog which is a guaranteed problem caused through changing temperatures.

Tough Winter Off-road Tyres

Make sure your UTV is fully snow and mud ready and dressed up to the nines with winter off-road tyres. If when purchasing, you selected on-road tyres, it’s a good idea to move over to off-road tyres before the weather gets too bad. Depending on where you live in the UK will probably determine the best time to change over. Off-road tyres are built for mud, dirt, gravel, rock, and other various terrain. Their open-tread design helps improve traction on off-road surfaces due to interlocking grooves that provide a firmer grip.

Extra LED Lighting

Now that the clocks have changed, evenings are longer. The nights are drawing in. Less hours of light can cause issues to a busy working day when operating with no streetlights. Each of our UTVs include front and rear LED lights as standard.

There are also additional lighting options depending on usage. As a warning signal add a flashing roof-mounted beacon or flashing front and rear amber strobes. A rear mounted work light, to help during poor lighting conditions when loading and unloading. There is also a roof mounted search light for nighttime searches and hunts.

Using Electric UTVs in the Snow

All of the above will be important for those who deal with regular snow conditions. UTVs are all-wheel drive, so with the addition of winter all-terrain tyres you’ll have the traction you need for off-road tasks in the snow. The Nipper®, The Worker™ and The Beast® each include a front winch, which we’d recommend when operating in the snow. If you get stuck, you need to be able to pull yourself out. Or you need a nearby colleague with a utility vehicle to help.

UTV Snow Plough

Whether you’re out on the fields or driving on a snow-covered track, a snow plough can be a very useful piece of kit when snow has fallen thick and fast. Or when blizzard conditions have created snow drifts. Fitted to the front of an electric utility vehicle, you can easily clear a driveway, roadway or a countryside trail. Easy to attach and detach when needed.

All of the Electric Wheels’ upgrades and accessories are available to purchase with your vehicle or at a later date. If you would like to learn more about how our electric UTVs perform in the winter, or if you’d like to book a demo please get in touch.