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Choose your electric UTV. Whether you are looking to transport supplies, haul heavy loads, travel silently on-site or be fully charged all day long, our all-terrain electric UTVs are reliable, practical and eco-friendly. Available as both four-wheel and two-wheel drive, you're guaranteed a vehicle which is more than fit for purpose.

4x4 UTVs

The Nipper 4x4 UTV

The Nipper is designed for versatility making it just as easy to ‘nip’ out locally by road, as it is to cross a muddy field. Perfect for accessing narrow gaps and gateways. One of only two models in our fleet to feature an electric rear tipper. 


The Worker 4x4 UTV

The Worker is a practically silent and zero emission alternative to standard diesel UTVs. It's perfect for the farming/agricultural sector, large estate owners, municipal use, conservationists, recreation and more.


The Beast 4x4 UTV

As the name suggests, The Beast 4x4 electric UTV has the largest motor in our fleet and is suited to tackle impressive inclines and tow heavy loads up to 544kilos. It is robust, multi-use, fun and super versatile.


4x2 UTVs

The Runner 4x2 UTV

We’ve raised the suspension, fitted a powerful lithium-ion battery and upgraded the standard tyres. Ideal for challenging working environments. 


The Turfer 4x2 UTV

This is the green keeper’s classic with a difference - ours is whisper quiet, powered by a long life lithium battery, fitted with an electric rear tipper and a cab for comfort.



Whether you need an off-road, on road or all-terrain electric vehicle, we have the perfect option for you, your business or you latest adventure. Learn more about how to hire or buy from Electric Wheels.


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