UBCO Electric Work Bike G5

2x2 Electric UBCO Work Bike G5

The 2020 Generation 5 2x2 UBCO Electric Work Bike is here and ready to be put to work.

Complete with all the same spectacular features as the G4, but this time in Black, the new model ticks all the feature boxes as an all-terrain beast. Remaining robust, smooth, lightweight, ultra-quiet and gives you complete control off-road.

One charge covers up to 75-miles. These all-terrain electric work bikes are available for purchase only.

UBCO G5 Electric Work Bike
UBCO G5 Electric Work Bike in Black

Multi-use, Fun & Super Versatile

The UBCO electric work bike features a 1kW motor in each wheel with excellent acceleration and traction in slippery conditions. The electric work 2x2 is perfect for all-terrain work pursuits and for weekend adventure seekers.

Designed for off-road use only, the work bike features specialist tyres for extra traction and a high-beam front flood light as standard for dark countryside travel. The work bike can also be fitted with a number of accessories. View even more accessories below.


An Electric All-terrain Work Bike

These specialist UBCO Electric 2x2 Bikes are perfect for all-terrain and recreational use. Making them ideal for events, agriculture, large estate use, film-making, hunting, explorers and for sports.



Two-wheel dual drive


Up to 30mph


Light weight - just 53kg

Cargo 150kg


Whisper quiet


75 mile range


6 hour charge time



UBCO Work Bike Features: 

  • Off-road capability with two-wheel drive.
  • Simple to ride; no gears, bicycle-style brakes.
  • Specialist off-road tyres.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Up to 75-mile range.
  • Six-hour charge time from empty to 90%.
  • Easily adaptable for a variety of applications.
  • Speed limited to 30mph.
  • Simple to charge-each bike.
  • An off-board charger fitted with a 13amp plug.
  • Peak charging load is 3amps. 
  • Fully electronic throttle control.
  • Keyless fob operation. Hard to clone or hotwire.
  • Front LED Flood light.
  • UBCO APP available for Android & iphone.

Dimensions, weight & capacity

  • Dimensions – 1.82m / 72" (l), 82cm / 32.3" (w) and 1.4m / 41" (h).
  • Weight – 53kg (excl. power supply).
  • 150kg carrying capacity.

UBCO Accessories

We offer a selection of accessories for our UBCO 2x2 Electric Bikes.

All available to purchase or as part of your hire package.

Back Box

Front Box

Front Cargo Deck

Rear Cargo Deck

Flashing Strobe Kit






Promotional Branding

Rear box

Back Box

An open tailor-made box; a great place for tools and your lunch!

Front box

Front Box

An open tailor-made box; a great place for things you need in front of you when riding.

Front rack

Front Cargo Deck

Extend your carrying space at the front of the bike.

Rear rack

Rear Cargo Deck

Extend your load carrying space.

Front blue light sm

Flashing Strobe Kit

Usually used in conjunction with panniers and top boxes, so event first responders and site managers can get where they need to be safely, with all the necessary kit. Blue lights are for off-road use only.

Gloves sm


If you don’t have any, we can supply. Recommended for all riders.

Helmet v2


Every sensible rider wears one. We carry a range of high quality helmets for hire.

Lock sm


It’s your responsibility to look after your Work Bike when on hire. We offer a robust lock to help you.

Panniers sm


Hard-wearing canvas panniers, which can be supplied in a model which converts to a backpack.



If you don’t have your own insurance, we can arrange this for you, through the HireGuard insurance scheme.