Electric Urban Scooter

Electric Road Scooter

Urban travel at its best! This 3x2 Electric Road Scooter takes you from A to B with ease. No fuss just a fun ride. One charge covers up to 60-miles. 175kg payload. For hire or purchase.

The Silence Electric Road Scooter has been designed to be the perfect commuter vehicle for one. Use to travel to and from work, or as a run-about around town.


Silence SO3

Multi-use, fun & super versatile.

This road-legal Urban Electric Scooter will run a typical 45-60 mile distance on a full 6-8 hour charge. It also comes equipped with an on-bard charger fitted with a 13amp plug for plugging in on the move at an electric charge station. Includes an enclosed rear tail box, document holder and a Smart phone connection for making calls on the move.

HIRE    BUY   

Road legal. No Tax.


Up to 40mph


300 mile range


8 hours charge time

240amp lithium-ion battery


Whisper quiet

Electric Urban Road Scooter Features:

  • Road legal. No road tax required.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Two powerful 6 kW electric motors
  • Reaches up to 55mph
  • Lithium Ion 5.5kw battery
  • A full charge takes 8 hours.
  • Full charge costs only about £1.
  • Smart on-board charger.
  • Fitted with a 13amp plug.
  • Peak charging load is 4.
  • Covers up to 45-60 miles on one charge.
  • 3 wheels - 1 front, 2 back.
  • Wide flat floor for driver entry/exit.
  • LED lights, rear view mirrors, reverse gear.
  • Smart phone connection.
  • Delivered fully charged courtesy of our on-site solar charging station.

Weight & Capacity

  • Weight – 35.8kg
  • Cargo bed capacity - 220kg