The Rider Electric Golf Buggy

The Rider, Electric 4 or 6-seater Golf Buggy

Smooth and powerful 4 or 6-seater transportation electric golf buggy, nick-named 'The Rider'. The Rider is also available adapted for wheelchair access. One charge lasts an impressive full working day! The perfect way to travel off-road at events. The electric golf buggy is for off-road use only, available for hire and can be easily branded for business or events. 

Our 4 or 6 seater Electric Golf Buggies are popular choices for event organisers. Each buggy has the capacity to last a full day when fully charged over 6-8 hours. They are easy to manoeuvre in all weathers, meaning clear capacity to tackle typical outdoor event terrain. Due to their whisper quiet electric motors, they won’t cause unnecessary noise within their surroundings, plus with a maximum 5mph speed, they’re the perfect choice for busy footfall. Accessories are available. Turf-friendly tyres means minimal ground impact.


The Rider

Electric Golf Buggy The Rider
Electric Golf Buggy The Rider 2
Electric Golf Buggy The Rider 1

The 4-seater Electric Golf Buggy

A popular choice for event and festival hire, the 4-seater Electric Golf Buggy can tackle tough terrains quickly and quietly. It has four side-by-side seats, a rear luggage deck and the added benefit of both a roof and glass windscreen. Available for hire only.


The 6-seater Electric Golf Buggy

The 6-seater has six side-by-side seats, raised ground clearance and off-road tyres. Two of the rear seats can be folded down to make a 4-seater with a flat cargo bed. We can also supply a weather canopy to keep your guests dry in inclement weather. A versatile machine available for hire only.


Electric Emergency Support Buggy & Wheelchair Buggy

The Electric Medic Buggy features the same benefits as our 4 or 6-seater electric golf buggies. This vehicle has been specially modified to transport patients across uneven terrain. Capacity for one driver, one patient and one medic/first responder. Available for hire only. We also have a wheelchair buggy with fold-out ramp, wheelchair fixing points, and additional capacity for up to three further passengers.


Medic Buggy

Seats 4-6 people


Up to 5mph


A full day's work


6-8 hours charge time


Whisper quiet

Electric Golf Buggy Features: 

  • Zero emissions.
  • Reaches 5mph, safe for busy footfall.
  • A full charge takes 6-8 hours
  • Full charge costs only about £1.
  • On-board charger supplied.
  • Charger fitted with a 13amp plug.
  • Peak charging load is 6 amps.
  • Includes a glass screen & window wipers.
  • Includes headlights.
  • Weather canopy available on request.
  • Delivered fully charged courtesy of our solar charging station.

Dimensions, Weight & Capacity

  • Dimensions – 3.1m x 1.3m x 1.6m
  • Weight – 630 kilos
  • Carry capacity - 4 people + 150 Kg luggage

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