Electric 14 Seater Bus

Electric Bus, the E-bus

Smooth and powerful 14-seater Electric Bus. The E-bus can travel an impressive 300 miles on just once charge! The perfect way to travel to and during events. The E-bus is available for hire and can be easily branded for business or sponsorship.

A new and exciting choice for event organisers. The E-bus is both cost-effective to hire and charge. The first full charge is also included in your hire package, charged via our on-site solar charging station. As a road-legal vehicle, the E-bus can travel at a maximum speed of 40mph and includes all the necessary charging cables, for 13amp or 16amp supplies.


Electric Bus the E bus
Electric Bus the E bus
Electric Bus the E bus rear view

Easy Access, 14 seater Electric Transport

Designed for ease of access via individual side hinged doors, the E-Bus requires no throughway to seating making travel also easier for those with mobility challenges.  Due to its whisper quiet electric motor, there is no unnecessary noise for on-site events, as well as zero emissions. Accessories are available. The specialist E-bus is perfect for business use for group events, outdoor event hire and for wedding venues.



Road legal


Up to 40mph


300 mile range


8 hours charge time

240amp lithium-ion battery


Whisper quiet

E-bus Electric Bus Features: 

  • Zero emissions.
  • Reaches up to 40mph.
  • 240 amps of lithium-ion battery capacity.
  • Covers up to 300 miles on a single charge.
  • A full charge take 8 hours.
  • Full charge costs only about £2.
  • Twin on-board chargers.
  • Fitted with a 13 or 16amp plugs.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Seats 14.
  • Easy access into each compartment.
  • Includes a full road-legal kit.
  • Includes front/rear amber strobes.
  • Delivered fully charged via our on-site solar charging station.
  • Can be supplied with driver on request.
  • Branded graphics available for sponsorship.

Dimensions, Weight & Capacity

  • Dimensions – 4.2m x 1.6m x 1.9m
  • Weight – 1200 kilos
  • Carrying capacity - 14 people

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