4x2 buggies with 4 or 6 seats

Our powerful 4 seater electric buggy can tackle the tough terrains quickly and quietly. It has four ‘side by side’ seats, a rear luggage deck and the added benefit of both a roof and windscreen.

The 6 seaters have six side-by side seats, raised ground clearance and off-road tyres. Two of the rear seats can be folded down to make a 4 seater with a flat cargo bed. One has a full weather canopy to keep your guests dry in inclement weather. A versatile machine. 

Both have integrated on-board chargers and are supplied with a charging cable fitted with a 13amp plug. Peak load is 6 amps. 

Both machines for Hire Only


Two-wheel rear drive

LED headlights

Glass windscreen with wiper

Whisper quiet

Battery lasts a full day

4 people + luggage

Available with stretcher carrier

6-8 hour charge time


Q. What happens about charging?

A. These have a 48v 'wet' lead acid battery pack. There is an onboard charger, and a vehicle specific charging lead terminating in a 13amp plug. This plug is not waterproof. They will draw up to 10amps at peak. 

All our machines contain powerful DC battery packs, some with up to 72volts. A shock from a DC battery of this size can kill, so users are strongly advised not to attempt any sort of maintenance or investigation of the batteries. Immediately report any concerns to Electric Wheels Ltd.