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Nipper UTV at Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response

Electric Wheels, were delighted to support Norfolk and Suffolk 4×4 Response on their recent training in Aldeby near Beccles in Norfolk with their electric Nipper side-by-side UTV.

The event bought together Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue along with Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service. The focus was on teaching and building skills in 4×4 use, towing trailers, training in radios, off road axle displacement learning, failed hill descent.

Norfolk and Suffolk 4×4 Response is a charitable organisation made up of volunteers who commit their own time and 4×4 vehicles to aid the emergency services in times of need, as well as other charitable efforts all year round. Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring with them a broad range of skills and experience. Not to mention they all share a common interest in 4×4 vehicles, and their desire to put their skills and experience to beneficial use in times of need.

Their mandate is to preserve and protect human life and property, but not exclusively, by providing equipment, vehicles, and other resources to offer support in adverse conditions.

Sam Cox, Sales Manager at Electric Wheels attended with their compact electric Nipper side-by-side UTV, allowing attendees to test drive the vehicle. This lightweight and sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle is the perfect compliment to the larger vehicles that they use. There are many occasions when the rescue teams need a powerful vehicle to navigate small spaces and the Nipper fits the bill. Couple this with its low running costs, 75-mile range and top speed of 28mph and its easy to see why the Nipper is an excellent choice.

Sam Cox concluded “The Electric Wheels Nipper is a great vehicle due to its versatility. Some days the team are transporting critical NHS staff or urgent supplies in the snow or taking fire fighters to coastal flooding areas. More commonly you will see them aiding Lowland Search and Rescue by moving search or dog teams. We’re delighted that Electric Wheels were able to support the volunteers at this valuable training event.”


See Nipper Side By Side On Test With Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response