2x2 UBCO Electric Work Bike

2x2 UBCO 2018 Electric Work Bike

The Strong Silent Type


Designed and engineered in New Zealand, the 2x2 UBCO Electric Work Bike is robust, smooth, lightweight, ultra-quiet and gives you complete control on- and off-road. One charge covers up to 75-miles. These all-terrain road-legal electric work bikes are available for hire or purchase.

The UBCO electric motor bike features a 1kW motor in each wheel with excellent acceleration and traction in slippery conditions. The electric 2x2 is perfect for work travel and for weekend adventure seekers. The Work Bike can also be fitted with a number of accessories including rear and front cargo decks, luggage boxes and led strobe lighting. View even more accessories below.

These specialist UBCO Electric Work Bikes are perfect for urban and business use. Making them ideal for the local commute and for use in the farming sector, for large estate owners, conservationists, emergency services, recreation and even for the film-making industry.

Multi-use, fun and super versatile.


UBCO Work Bike Features:

  • On and Off-road capability with two-wheel drive.
  • Simple to ride; no gears, bicycle-style brakes.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Up to 75-mile range.
  • Six-hour charge time from empty to 90%.
  • Easily adaptable for a variety of applications.
  • Speed limited to 30mph.
  • Can be ridden on a moped licence.
  • Simple to charge-each bike.
  • An off-board charger fitted with a 13amp plug.
  • Peak charging load is 3amps. 


Dimensions, Weight & Capacity

  • Dimensions – 1.82m / 72" (l), 82cm / 32.3" (w) and 1.4m / 41" (h).
  • Weight – 65kg.
  • 150kg carrying capacity.



Accessories available for this bike, find out more »

Two-wheel dual drive

Up to 30mph

Weighs just 65kg

Can carry 150kg

Whisper quiet

75 mile range

6 hour charge time


2x2 UBCO Electric Work Bike Accessories

The following Accessories are also available to hire: (Click to view)

An open tailor-made box; a great place for tools and your lunch!


If you have any questions about the Electric Wheels work bike, please contact us here.

Q. How do I charge them? 

A. This has a lithium-ion battery which will normally last several days at work. It is supplied with an external charger, fitted with a 13amp UK plug. Peak current draw is around 3 amps. The charger is not waterproof, so this needs to be considered when charging facilities are set up. We have a limited number of waterproof enclosures (wired for 2 bikes) available at an additional cost.