'The Nipper' 4x4 Electric UTV

Slim, Nimble & Capable of Tackling All-terrain

The Nipper is designed for versatility making it just as easy to ‘nip’ out locally by road, as it is to cross a muddy field. Perfect for accessing narrow gaps and gateways. One of only two models in our fleet to feature an electric rear tipper (the rest are manual).

  • Powerful 5kW motor with zero emissions
  • 72v lead acid battery pack
  • Top speed 28mph
  • Super long range: Up to 75 miles on just one single charge
  • Glass windscreen with wiper blade as standard
  • Smart on-board charger fitted 
  • Fitted with a 16amp weatherproof plug & 13amp adaptor
  • Maximum current draw is 6 amps
  • Fully road legal, can be supplied road-registered
  • Equipped with high and low range and diff lock
  • Gas assisted adjustable shocks
  • Electric rear tipper
  • Power steering (on sale vehicles only) COMING SOON
  • Front winch (on sale vehicles only)
  • Available in a choice of blue or green
  • 2 individual comfort seats (not bench style) 
  • Extra seats available (on sale vehicles only)
  • 2 year warranty as standard

Available for short term hire, long-term hire or purchase

Purchase from £12,495 +Vat | Hire from £275 +Vat per week

Accessories available for this buggy, find our more...


Up to 28mph


75 mile range


6-8 hours charge time

Blue or green

Electric rear tipper




Dimensions, weight & capacity

  • Dimensions – 2.8m / 112.5" long, 1.47m / 57.8"wide & 1.8m / 70.8" high
  • Weight - 850 kilos / 18731lbs
  • Cargo bed capacity 200kilos / 440lbs
  • Towing capacity 750kilos / 1653lbs



Whether you need an off-road, on road or all-terrain electric vehicle, we have the perfect option for you, your business or you latest adventure. Learn more about how to hire or buy from Electric Wheels.


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