Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I drive this buggy on the road?

A. Yes, for an additional fee, some models can be road registered prior to delivery. You will need to provide evidence of valid insurance for hire only.

Q. What type of terrain can your UTVs cope with?

A. Depending on the model, almost everywhere, thanks to the all-wheel drive, lockable differential, nitrogen filled shock absorbers, powerful steering and high torque drive. Expect what you get from a normal quad bike but with shelter in the snow and rain! The Beast also comes with power steering.

Q. Does it have a winch?

A. For safety reasons, we remove winches from our HIRE vehicle fleet. On request, these can be refitted for a charge.

On PURCHASE ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Worker’ vehicles a winch comes as standard.

On PURCHASE ‘The Nipper’ vehicles, a winch can be fitted for a charge.

Winches will have a pulling power of 1600 kilos (3527llbs) and are powered separately from the main batteries, so it does not affect the power of the vehicle.

Q. How do I charge my vehicle?

A. All our vehicles can be charged from a standard 13amp electrical supply, and although each has its own characteristics, it typically takes 6-8 hours to charge fully.

As with all battery charging, during the first hour or two the current draw is at its highest, reducing for the remainder of the charging period. At peak our machines draw around 6 amps, with the exception of ‘The Beast’ which draws 13.8 amps at peak.

Depending on the type and duration of the work being undertaken, our vehicles will all comfortably last for a full day's work or longer. We recommend placing vehicles on charge overnight. We can advise on setting up 'charging stations' at large events to establish a charging regime on site.

All vehicles have an on-board charger, and are supplied with both a 16 amp ‘ceefrom’ plug and a 13amp plug adaptor. (Excluding ‘The Beast’ which can only be charged with a 16amp connection.) 

Q. What type of batteries do the vehicles have?

A. All UTVs, other than ‘The Beast’, have gel-filled Lead Acid batteries unless otherwise stated. ‘The Beast’ has Lithium-ion batteries which deliver their power more efficiently and are much longer lived. Typically 7-10years. ‘The Worker’ can be upgraded to Lithium-ion batteries for an additional charge.

Q. What climb can the The Nipper cope with?

A. The full load climb is 30%

Q. Can I get a full day's work out of a full battery?

A. In our experience, yes easily. In fact, some of our customers estimate it is more like 3 full days. Of course this depends on the type of work it's doing and the terrain. We recommend that the battery is always charged overnight, regardless of how much work it has done during the day.

Q. Does The Nipper have safety beepers fitted?

A. Yes, there's an alarm to tell you if the driver isn't wearing a seatbelt, and an audible warning when the vehicle is reversing. There is an audible sound when the indicators/hazard lights are operating. We can also fit “white noise” beepers which warn pedestrians of their approach.