Introducing Our Latest 4x2 Electric UTV, 'The Turfer'

Now available to order, The Turfer is our take on the greenkeeper’s classic; the second 4x2 electric UTV to join the fleet alongside The Runner, which we introduced in March. 

Designed specifically for greenkeepers and facilities teams, The Turfer comes complete with specialist turf tyres for gentle off-roading to minimise disturbance on grassy or sandy ground. The specialist tyres leave minimal imprint due to having shallow tread depth and larger surface space than standard tyres.

Complete with easy load options such as an electric tipper and a generous load capacity, The Turfer is perfect for transporting maintenance tools and general ground waste around golf courses as well as large private estates and gardens.  

“'We wanted to provide our customers with an electric vehicle option to rival the trusted greenkeeper’s classic. The Turfer offers customers the perfect zero emission alternative to its fossil fuelled 4x2 counterparts,” comments MD Chris Hurdle.

The Turfer, the Greenkeeper’s 4x2 UTV

Here are our top reasons why we recommend The Turfer 4x2 electric UTV!

Turf tyres, ideal for sensitive grounds 

Two individual seats for comfort 

Long life lithium battery

Electric rear tipper

Glass windscreen on cab as standard

Great for greenkeepers & facilities teams

The Turfer is available to order from £11,495 + VAT or hire for £235 +VAT per week. Get in touch to find out more.

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