Between the team they have over 100 years of engineering experience. ”

Engineering Excellence With Our RAF Veterans!

Posted on 30/11/2020

Electric Wheels is so much more than an electric utility vehicle dealership. It’s a hub of engineering excellence with a rather unique team of engineers. Let us introduce our very own RAF veterans!

Drive systems for electric vehicles such as ours involve some quite specific knowledge. In particular, the batteries in some of the machines we sell, and hire are potentially lethal in the wrong hands. That is why safety, knowledge and expertise were top of the agenda when we opened Electric Wheels in 2019.

With Engineering Excellence Safety Comes First

We needed to ensure there was never a compromise on quality, service, and customer expectations. It was important that we offered customers the whole package. Ensuring each vehicle was modified as and when needed and cared for through an exceptional level of engineering and safety checks. So, we called in a team of rather experienced RAF engineers!

These chaps are absolute legends. They have all served overseas, with many tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to a long list of other postings.

In fact, between the team they have over 100 years of engineering experience. They’ve spent their working lives, in the company of, and working on, some rather spectacular pieces of machinery. Think Chinooks, Tornadoes, Landrovers and machine guns. If you need a team who is accustomed to highly disciplined workshop environments, a team like ours is most definitely the number one choice.

The Engineering Team

The workshop is led by Martin Kay, who retired last year after 36 years’ service in the RAF. He is rather modest and doesn’t tend to mention it but his last position was as a Warrant Officer responsible for Forward Engineering at RAF Marham. We like to shout about it… why wouldn’t you?

Then we have Jon Fearn. Jon recently retired as Chief Technician of Tornadoes at Marham. “Despite 32 years of service, I think we all still like to work,” commented Jon. “It’s great to be working on something so innovative, varied and challenging. We have very flexible hours, so still get time to enjoy our retirement and can often be seen paragliding, shooting and fishing together.”

The third member is Paul Cadenhead. Paul was in the RAF for 32 years working as a propulsion/airframe engineer. He then joined BAesystems as a technical specialist for 6 years. He has an impressive 38 years of engineering experience and counting.

Specialist Engineering Innovation And Design

Electric Wheels’ Managing Director Chris Huddle is very proud of the team. Chris commented: “When we originally started the business, Martin helped by setting up our workshop systems. His skill set really suited the work we carry out here at our Norfolk workshop. There’s obviously some routine maintenance, but the majority involves very specialist engineering innovation and design.”

Chris continued: “Many of our customers have very specific modifications in mind. For instance, we have had two customers in the past year who had recently become amputees. Both needed some significant and specific adaptations to their electric work buggies. One needed to be able to operate everything by hand, whilst the other needed the existing foot pedal arrangement redesigned. Due to the extensive practical and technical knowledge of the team they were able to modify the work buggies to meet their needs. Both are now able to drive around their farms independently as a result.”

The workshop can get very busy. Most of the time, work consists of things like meticulous safety-checks on machines recently returned from hire. Carrying out specific modifications for very specific customer needs. Prepping newly purchased electric work buggies and conducting very important PDIs (Pre-Delivery Inspections).

Martin manages the workflow and signs-off the safety-critical work on things like brakes and steering. Nothing leaves the Electric Wheels’ workshop unless it is in perfect condition. In fact, we believe so intently in providing customers with pristine vehicles that our entire hire fleet lives indoors when not in use. That way the quality and longevity of our machines is never jeopardised.

If you’re looking for an electric utility vehicle and need some very specific modifications for business or recreational use… you know where to come!

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