Not far from Cork in the beautiful Irish countryside is a new venture, founded by Cousins Dave Watson and Barry Walsh.   Family business Killahora Orchards produces innovative and award-winning drinks from the fruit grown on 40 acres of south-facing slopes overlooking Fota Island. 

Steep slopes and the often challenging climate makes care of the orchards a significant physical challenge; one which had been answered with the use of diesel-fuelled vehicles for transporting people and tools to the trees. 

Step forward two new Work Bikes from Electric Wheels, which were delivered in March 2019.  The bikes were supplied with front and rear boxes, off-road tyres and branded fairing panels. Within hours of arriving, both bikes were hard at work with the last of the season’s pruning. 

Director Dave Watson said, “We’re really pleased with our new bikes; they seem very capable of handling our challenging landscape, and we’re even more delighted that they fit with our green energy practices and aspirations.”

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