1. Matt Stone - Health and Safety Advisor with AD H&S Ltd, reviews his recent hire of the 2x2 Work Bike at Greenbelt Festival 2019.  

"I was initially a little sceptical as to how much I would use the UBCO 2x2 Work Bike and the benefits. I was very quickly converted as I have been able to undertake my pre-event checks much more quickly , and respond to requests to attend requests for support/attend incidents much sooner. The Work Bike was easy to ride, safe, quiet and is a much more environmentally friendly mode of transport. It has enabled me to visit the remote areas of what is a large site much more often. I have noticed a significant reduction in my personal fatigue through the usual miles of walking! The Work Bike has endless possibilities and uses which I am sure will bring many positives to the outdoor event industry".

2. Mike 'Herb' Herbert (pictured), Event Safety Advisor at Showsmiths Ltd reviews his recent hire of the 2x2 Work Bike at Shambala Festival 2019.

"The Work Bike has totally changed my working life as Safety Adviser for Shambala Festival and it ticked some boxes for a sustainable and practical means for me to cover the ground I needed to for the show. The site is over 200 acres (90 hectares) including car-parks, camping and entertainment areas and I need to liaise with all the teams working in every corner throughout the build, show and breakdown. Previously I have either done this on foot, or shared a noisy old golf buggy/gator to get round, but the bike meant I could get practically anywhere within a few minutes and it was no problem getting back from one side of the site to another as needed. The time saved is almost immeasurable but my first estimate is that I was able to do in half a day what  normally takes me two days. The range of the bike is ideal and I only needed to charge it 3 times (even then the battery showed I was well above running short of charge) over the course of 2 weeks, covering around 150 miles in that time. The ride is superb with a comfortable ride over uneven ground, temporary trackways and gravel paths, and is well balanced to maintain slow speeds through crowded areas. The maximum speed is more than enough for a site of this nature where the limit is 15mph anyway. It turned out to be the ideal mode of transport for a wide range of staff from plumbers to electricians responding to calls for assistance, to Fire Team First Responders and trader teams showing traders to their sites. The bike is pretty well totally silent so checking campsites in the dead of night meant no one got roused from their slumbers (who sleeps at Festivals anyway!). If anything this is the only drawback as no one hears you coming - though you can use the horn, it is pretty shrill. A new form of Health and safety has emerged - Stealth and Safety!"

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